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The Life of an Artist

The life of an artist is as unique and diverse as the individual. Yet we are all connected and part of the moment in time and as such, the pulse of energy around us can be felt simultaneously. It is our own unique visions, reactions and interpretations of the times combined with that universal pulse of energy that binds us all in our creating of art.

We react to our environment, and interpret what we see , feel , hear , taste and smell . But it is not only the five senses we use…there is a sixth sense, an intuitive one, that comes into being. This coupled with our interplay with the materials we use, leads towards creating works of art. But at what point do we abandon our preconceived notions, lose our ego and will to control , and instead give over to the materials we are using and allow, actually, submit to the paint for example, the colors , the textures, the placements and have that take on a life of its own? It is when we completely lose ourselves that the artistic process is at work…optimally.

The life of an artist reflects the particular time in history that the person lives through. It is representative of that particular time no matter the style. All artwork is autobiographical.

And so the artist leaves the mark that they were here.